Set - ergonomic desk chair for children and adjustable electric children's desk 112x60 cm Spacetronik XD (white / pink)

Take care of the child's comfort and health thanks to the comfortable adjustment of the chair and the desk, which will adjust the chair and the height of the desk to the child's height. Thanks to our kit, shaping the right posture, which has a positive effect on the health of the spine, concentration and eyesight, is even easier.


An electric desk that grows with your child

The stylish desk has been designed to fit everyone. The pink color will perfectly fit into the arrangement of a girl's room. Comfort while learning and playing will directly affect the motivation and willingness to develop interests, do homework or expand knowledge. The desk contains many much needed and innovative functions that make it one of the best study desks. The electric desk grows with the child and will serve both preschoolers and schoolchildren as it adapts to their height. The design of this product is a solid combination of a fashionable, but also easy-to-use desk, which gives the child many amenities and will make working at the desk so pleasant that the child will be happy to sit down to it. Spacetronik XD is a brand whose assumption is to create products that care for comfort and health while maintaining an interesting design. The desk allows your child to alternate between sitting and standing when needed - without having to manually raise or lower. The easy-to-use touch panel allows you to raise the desk height from 550 mm for small children to 890 mm with just one finger. (The vertical shelf visible in the illustrative photos is not included in the set - sold separately).

Comfortable, adjustable office chair for a child

The blue chair will fit perfectly into the set we propose. Aesthetic appearance is not everything - the greatest advantage is the ergonomic shape of a specially designed two-piece backrest and seat. The chair has been designed to take care of the health of the child's spine while studying at the desk. In addition, the wheel lock mechanism prevents accidental movement of the chair, which will allow you to focus more on learning and playing without unnecessary distraction.

Healthy learning at an adjustable electric desk

From preschool age, a child begins to spend more and more time in a sitting position. With age, it is more and more time spent with homework and games. If we add the time spent at school to this, it turns out that the child spends many hours in this position. Long sitting directly affects the health of the spine, so it is worth allowing the child to develop good habits at home thanks to the adjustable child's chair for the desk Spacetronik XD SPC-XD01P, in addition to wide adjustment, ensures the correct position of the child's back and spine, eliminating the negative impact of bad posture.

What distinguishes a desk and an armchair from the set for children?

Adjustable children's desk

  • Height adjustment - Adjustment allows you to adjust the height of the table top to the height of the user - child
  • Inclinable desktop - Appropriate inclination of the tabletop during, among others, learning, reading and writing helps to reduce the negative effects of prolonged sitting, such as back pain or neck pain
  • Extensive functionality - The electric desk for a child has been equipped with many amenities that affect the comfort of use
  • One desk, many users - One desk can be used by many children. It is enough to adjust the appropriate height for each of them

Adjustable baby chair

  • Seat height adjustment - It allows you to adjust the height of the seat to the child's height and the height of the desk
  • Seat Depth Adjustment - Allows you to adjust the seat depth to obtain the correct sitting posture
  • Backrest height adjustment - Allows you to adjust the height of the backrest to the child's preferences in order to maintain an ergonomic position
  • Backrest angle adjustment - Allows you to adjust the backrest at the right angle to the curvature of the spine

An armchair and a desk for a girl

Inadequate sitting position at the desk can have a number of negative consequences. Headaches, backaches and other ailments can be quite a pain. The solutions with which the children's office chair and the electrically adjustable Spacetronik XD desk have been equipped, guarantee not only comfort , but also effectively protect your child's spine and ensure the right position while learning and playing.

Spacetronik XD SPC-XD01P children's office chair - the most important features

  • Dedicated to children aged 3-14
  • Seat height adjustable in the range of 36-56.5 cm
  • Adjustable seat depth (33 - 39 cm)
  • Load capacity up to 75 kg
  • Adjustable backrest angle
  • Adjustable backrest height from 76 to 97.5 cm
  • Locking the wheels while sitting (gravity wheels)
  • Materials: PP (plastic), steel, sponge seat, seat and back upholstery made of pleasant polyester fabric
  • In pink

Spacetronik XD SPE-X116A children's desk - the most important features

  • 2-stage round column
  • Single engine system for smooth operation
  • Adjustment range 550 - 890 mm (340 mm)
  • Maximum load capacity 40 kg
  • Table top 112 cm x 60 cm x 1.8 cm
  • Maximum speed of table top height adjustment 15 mm / s
  • Quiet drive (less than 50 dB)
  • Power supply 100 V - 240 V
  • Simple controller with buttons for height adjustment (up / down) and display
  • Easy assembly and operation
  • The frame is white and pink
  • Tiltable desk 80 x 40 cm in the range of 0-40 °
  • 2-year warranty (protection does not apply to mechanical damage, damage resulting from improper use of the product and the countertop)
  • Rounded corners of the table top
  • High resistance to scratching and damage
  • Backpack hook
  • A spacious drawer for accessories and notebooks
  • Comes with a bookshelf and a tablet and book holder
  • Anti-collision system
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Set of children's desk + armchair SPESXD01P

A height-adjustable desk for children is an investment in the health and comfort of your child. The set with an ergonomic adjustable armchair will allow you to shape the correct posture of the child while sitting. In white and pink

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