Electric desk with adjustable height Moris 100x60cm

Spacetronik SPE-O124WO Moris is an economical desk with electric height adjustment. The structure is equipped with one motor ensuring quick and smooth change of the table top height. The regulation gives a sense of comfort and the possibility of adjusting the individual needs of the employee, and may also affect the efficiency of work. The electric desk allows you to work in a standing position every day, which has a positive effect on, for example, blood circulation, or reduces the risk of gaining extra pounds. While standing, we can also maintain the correct body posture much easier - for which our spine will thank us first of all.  

Spacetronik Moris electric desk

Smooth and stable height adjustment of the table top

The properly designed structure of the electric desk guarantees stability even at the highest height. The adjustable desk allows the so-called hybrid work, i.e. alternately standing or sitting. Height adjustment is an ideal solution when several people work at one position - adjust the height of the table top to the height of each user in the range from 73 to 121 cm. A height-adjustable desk is a piece of furniture that will adapt to you!

Controller for adjusting the height of the table top with the function of memorizing the position

A desk with an adjustable top has a multifunctional controller. Adjust the height with the "up" and "down" buttons and observe the current position on the LED display. Save selected positions and recall them in the future by pressing one of the four programmable altitude memory buttons. Fill the battery in your devices, e.g. smartphone, using the built-in USB-A and USB-C ports.

Anti-collision system, i.e. additional security

The adjustable desk is equipped with an anti-collision system, which definitely increases safety at the workplace. The innovative anti-collision technology causes the ergonomic desk to retract automatically when changing height if it encounters an obstacle in its path.

Easy to install

The ergonomic Spacetronik Moris desk is easy to assemble - just screw a few elements together and it's ready!

Multifunctional hook

Use your space wisely. The multifunctional handle provides additional storage space, for example, a backpack or headphones.

Cable organizer

The Spacetronik Moris SPE-O124 electric desk is equipped with a cable manager that will allow you to keep your cabling in order.

5-year warranty

The ergonomic Spacetronik Moris desk is covered by a 5-year warranty period (protection does not apply to mechanical damage and damage resulting from incorrect use of the product).

Why an electric desk?

Height adjustment   - Adjustment allows you to adjust the height of the table top to the user's height. You don't have to adapt to your desk, it's a piece of furniture that will adapt to you!
An investment in health and efficiency   - The electric desk has a decisive influence on our health, well-being and efficiency. Say goodbye to circulation problems, poor posture and back pain.
Easy to assemble and operate   - Installing an electric desk is easy. Operation is even easier - one click and the desk will go where you want!
One desk, many users   - One desk can be used by multiple users. It is enough to adjust the appropriate height for each of them

The most important features of Spacetronik SPE-O124WO

- 2-stage column design
- single engine system
- adjustment range 73 - 121 cm
- maximum load capacity of 50 kg
- table top size 1002 x 602 x 16 mm
- height adjustment speed 25 mm / s
- very quiet drive; noise level below 45-50 dB
- power supply 100 V - 240 V
- Advanced controller with 4 positions memory, display, USB-A and USB-C port
- securing systems: protecting against overheating and overloading
- constant and smooth regulation speed
- easy installation and operation
- innovative anti-collision system
- white (frame), wood-like (table top) color
- 5-year warranty

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Data sheet

Extra Features
System cichej pracy Ultra Silent
Desks The color of the frame
Additional Technologies
System antykolizyjny
Desks Number of motors
1 silnik
Desks - number of columns
2 kolumny
Carrying capacity
do 50 kg
Shape Desks
Kształt Standardowy
Adjustment range
od 730 do 1210 mm
Noise level
poniżej 50 dB
Desks Number of legs
2 nogi
Color of the desk top
Desks Dimensions of the top [cm]
100 cm x 60 cm
Sklep główny, ergoline
22,5 kg
Zaawansowany (LED, góra/dół, pamięć, USB)
Regulation speed
do 25 mm/s

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